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The High Breaks' debut original album is located here..."Droppin' Off"


As guitarist Michael Clifford has re-located to San Francisco for the foreseeable future, the band continues to write and perform as a power trio.


Additionally, The High Breaks as a trio has an alter ego that arranges Black Sabbath songs into instrumental surf renditions. This band is appropriately named, "Surf Sabbath". See below links to check it out!




Todd Gevry - Drums
Kevin Lynam - Bass
Matt Hagen - Guitar

The High Breaks are an  instrumental surf rock band from Burlington, VT. Their sharp and savvy execution of original and traditional surf songs help facilitate a cinematic vibe that will make you feel as if you are in a Quentin Tarantino film while having your feet in the sand. Each song is preluded with a witty, dry narration that helps paint the picture for each melodic surf story. They are professionals at curating a comfortable and entertaining atmosphere anywhere they play.


Acute awareness of tone and dynamics are displayed in every performance. The High Breaks will truly make you feel a bit more cool upon listening.




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Matt Hagen


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